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[11] Liz wants to take her mom to a pot shop

November 7, 2018

We talk Real Estate, Politics, and then we talk about what’s really important: Liz should take her mom to a pot shop.

We also do role playing.

Thank you to Liz for being our first return guest and filling in for Sean, who HAD A BABY. Congratulations Sean!

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Show Minutes

1m - Sean is having a baby

4m - Podcasting milestones

10m - Real Estate Corner / This podcast is brought to you by BermanBuilt

22m - Should you get a rental?

37m - Ben’s shed, it needs to move

39m - Grant’s Dating Corner: HIatus

39m - When Stephen met Ben

42m - Grant goes to the airport

45m - Politics Hour

46m - VOTE

50m - Primary System

51m - Canvassing

55m - Grant knocks on doors ever so gently

63m - Role playing

65m -A family member isn’t interested in voting

68m - fb / social media activism

70m - canvasing / role playing

74m - Canvas in the future

80m - Liz brought the topics - We will do all of these.

84m - Liz wants to take her mom to a pot store

88m - Ben Endorses CBD

89m - Tie it back

93m - The real solution

95m - A John Waters Christmas

97m - Social Call


Special Acknowledgements/Mentions

Kim Schrier

Seattle Bubble


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