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[05] Imaginary Liz is a Music Blogging Rockstar!

August 19, 2018

Imaginary Liz is a music blogging rockstar!

We were so lucky to have Liz Riley Tollefson(Imaginary Liz) of Three Imaginary Girls ( come by. She mesmerized us with story after story about covering Seattle’s rock scene and gave deep advice to Grant on his dating life.

 Liz Tells us stories

A little more from the website:

Three Imaginary Girls is a Seattle-based website that showcases the great music of the Northwest to music lovers worldwide. The site launched in June 2002 to document the show-going escapades of three music fans with boundless enthusiasm for the burgeoning music scene around them.

Since that time, the site has grown to include reviews of albums, live music, film, interviews and more, in Seattle and beyond. The site thrives on constantly discovering and nurturing great new bands and sharing them with the rest of the {imaginary} world.

Three Imaginary Girls have also booked music showcases, contributed to other music publications (including the KEXP blog, Seattle Sound Magazine, Tablet Magazine, and Music for America), and the imaginary editorial staff have made countless guest radio appearances on KEXP 90.3fm and KUOW 94.9fm and have been featured in the pages of The Stranger and the Seattle Weekly.

Three Imaginary Girls were voted “MVP of Seattle Music 2004” by readers of the Seattle Weekly, and were listed in Seattle Magazine’s 2004 Most Influential People issue as well as Seattle Sound’s 2006 Most Influential in Seattle Music issue. One of our founders was crowned a Nerd of Note by Seattle Magazine and we were even mentioned on ESPN and in the pages of Jane magazine and Paste Magazine.

The Website

Ig: @3imaginarygirls

Fb: Three Imaginary Girls

Tw: @3imaginarygirls

Show Notes

Podcasters (Ben, Sean, Grant, Stephen)


3m - Grant's Dating Corner

7m - Grant Reviews Seafair

17m - Ben's Real Estate News

21m - Liz's Sad Contractor Story

26m - Ben's Construction/Contractor Advice

31m - ThreeImaginaryGirls (TIG, for short)

42m - The Meaning Behind the Name

52m - TIG and SIFF

55m - I'll Have a TIG

56m - Liz Knows They Might Be Giants

62m - Liz Tells Us How to Compliment a Musician after a Set


73m - Liz Talks Venues

79m - Why You Need to Follow a Blog for Finding Music

87m - Favorite Music Towns

93m - What's Next for TIG?

97m - Grant's Rapid Fire Round


Special Acknowledgements


The Stranger


Every music venue in Seattle #savetheshowbox


Near the 68th minute, we falsely associate Dave Meinert With Neumos. He is not associated with Neumos. He is, however,  associated with the 5 points cafe, and formerly associated with the Lost Lake Cafe and the Comet Tavern.

Our main base of operations and all our former blogging efforts can be found at We have a dedicated page there which we will keep updated with all relevant links from various episodes: If you've got thoughts on the episodes, comment on the blog or hit us up on Instagram. We will have a Twitter handle up someday, from which we can all watch the world burn.

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